Vitamine A

Vitamin A is a so-called “liposoluble” vitamin. This means that these vitamins are soluble in fat and can be stored by our body. It is therefore important to avoid excessive vitamin intake, as vitamin A becomes toxic in large doses. The maximum tolerable intake is 3000 µg/day (expressed in retinol equivalents) for adults. Vitamin A is present in many foods such as eggs (182 µg/100 g retinol), raw carrots (690 µg/100 g retinol), and pumpkin (258 µg/100 g retinol). Vitamin A plays a role in maintaining normal vision and skin, but also in the normal functioning of the immune system and cell specialisation.

The body has the ability to convert carotenoids, known as provitamin A, into vitamin A. Beta-carotene is the most important provitamin A, because it is the best converted into vitamin A. Fisher has selected natural beta-carotene for increased effectiveness of its products.

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