A Tribute to your body

True beauty comes from within. And we fully support this claim at She+. We want to make you aware that your body is a precious instrument that deserves the best care. And, therefore, also the best nutrients. Nature can help you with that. We work to give you the best ingredients that can be found in nature.

The right formula

Of course, we don’t just select random ingredients. That would be far too easy. Each ingredient has been carefully selected, balanced and extensively tested to assess its effectiveness. But that’s not all. Once these high-quality ingredients have been selected, we optimise and combine them with other ingredients to create the right formula. In this step of the process, optimisation is essential to ensure that they reach your body in the correct dosage and ideal purity. For the perfect intake. Not too much and not too little.

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Tailored to your needs

We make sure you get the right nutrients you need to feel fit in a particular stage of your life. After all, there is a big difference between your need for nutritional supplements when you are 20 and when you are 45 years old. Or if you are pregnant. She+ has nutritional supplements for each of those phases, for optimum vitality and well-being.

“When we start working with natural ingredients, finding the ideal combination is a long and painstaking process. Time-consuming for sure, yet necessary as it constitutes the basis of our philosophy.”
Eline Moulin
Research & Development @ She+

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Purity, nothing less

We pay a lot of attention to the purity of our ingredients. Optimising the purity and pureness of the active ingredients used in our nutritional supplements means that they can be absorbed more effectively by your body and that we can refine the formula even more precisely with ingredients to ensure that you get the right dosage.

Premium quality

We will not compromise on quality. We develop effective nutritional supplements that are scientifically proven and meet the highest pharmaceutical quality standards.

High bioavailability

Our nutritional supplements are absorbed optimally by the body. We often combine ingredients to enhance this bioavailability even more. This ensures we can provide you with the correct dosage. For optimum effectiveness. 

GMO-free ingredients

We always pick the most natural ingredients. Since safety and sustainability are high on our agenda, all our products are GMO-free and we always avoid controversial ingredients.

Complete formulas

The composition of our nutritional supplements is the culmination of extensive research. Looking for the right dosage for each ingredient and the ideal synergy between all ingredients. For the most effective result.

Worship your body with all of nature’s goodness

Your body is your most precious instrument. Cherish it every day. Infuse it with the best natural care. From within.

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