What is it?

Manganese is mainly recognized for its importance at the level of the skeleton even if it also intervenes at the level of the energy metabolism.

What are the health benefits?

  • Contributes to the maintenance of a normal bone structure
  • Contributes to the normal formation of connective tissue
  • Contributes to the protection of cells against oxidative stress
  • Contributes to a normal energy metabolism
Manganese EN 1

In which foods?

– Walnuts (2.9 mg/100g)

– Pineapple (0.87 mg/100g)

– Spinach (0.81 mg/100g)

– Quinoa (0,7 mg/100g)

Things to know!

The body does not have the capacity to synthesize manganese. Moreover, the absorption of manganese remains low. It is therefore essential to have a good daily food intake and a varied diet.

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