Like many women, the first time I used food supplements was on the advice of my gynecologist during my first pregnancy.

I was 22 years old and my parents were market gardeners, involved in organic farming since the 1970s, so I had no doubts about the nutritional value of my food, at most I was afraid of the infamous post-pregnancy hair loss.

When our daughter was born, my husband was working in Brussels, so I became a city girl.

In the 1990s, organic and fresh food was almost non-existent in the city. Little by little, without really realizing it, I got caught up in the crazy city life and lost this connection with the earth and its benefits.

I might as well tell you that 4 years later, during my second pregnancy, I took the food supplements advised by my gynecologist and, as soon as he was born, my son received his daily dose of vitamin D on the advice of his pediatrician.

One, two, three children later, still living in the city, self-employed, working with my family, not wanting to give up this job, I had my nose to the grindstone, a huge lack of sleep and I seemed to be realising that I only had two hands. Nothing out of the ordinary in the life of a woman after all. I was overs overstepping the mark.

We were feeling cramped and moved back to the countryside. We had to commute a lot but I was finally back in my element and it was great energy boost. A fourth child on the way. A new career that allowed me to gather family, home, school, extra-curricular activities and work all in the same place. Everything was within reach, and yet the day came when I ended up feeling exhausted, systematically in the late afternoon when I would get back home with the children, I was struggling not to fall asleep at the wheel.

Analyses confirmed that I had a lot of deficiencies. Suddenly everything just clicked.

I went back to eating organic food, local food, as much as possible. I slowed down, returned to sport and even allowed myself sometime to develop an artistic side that I had been keeping to myself until now.

In a nutshell, a healthier and more balanced life. But the fatigue was persistent.

Talking about it with my friends made me realise that we all shared this condition without really caring about it. We would share our home remedies, miracle cures and magnesium cures. Nothing special.

At that time, my grandmother found a new GP, who was very attentive to her nutritional balance. Her diet was optimised thanks to a series of food supplements, which, she often complained, were in terms of quantity the equivalent of a breakfast. Her doctor was seeking a good venous circulation, maintaining her bone structure, increasing her immunity, and alleviating her anxiety.

As women, we encounter specific needs at each stage of our lives. However, we don’t pay attention to those need and live several lives at once until we exhaust our health capital.

If our body doesn’t call out to us, we continue to draw on our resources somehow. I was aware of this, so why wait for the failure?

Then, I started investigating the food supplement market.

I had a very caricatural vision of it, such as taking an American-style anti-ageing cocktail.

I found myself faced with a plethora of pills of all kinds which I could not understand either the exact composition, nor the origin of their active principle or even their proportion. Not to mention that my primary requirement was to stay as close as possible to natural ingredients.

I discovered the prodigious synergy that could result from combining certain nutrients, but I was disappointed to realise that a multitude of associated products were far from natural.

It took quite some time but I guess that is also a lesson from nature: taking the time to do things right, not getting exhausted, not depleting resources, that is my philosophy.

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