She+ sports product for energy and metabolism

She+ Sports

Our complete formula has been developed for all women during intensive sports activities.

30 capsules + 30 tablets for 30 days of treatment.
€ 64.95 Including VAT

Get the most out of your body during sport

Is sport a driving force in your life? Running, boxing, yoga, do you exercise several times a week? Give your body all the nutrients it needs to stay on top of your game.

During intense physical activity, your body needs support. Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals can cause deep exhaustion in athletic women and increase the risk of injury.
Fill up on energy and optimize your training with our She+ Sport dietary supplement. Complete support for your body in your intense physical activities.
Our complete formula contains vitamins B2, B3 and B6, but also minerals and trace elements such as iron and copper to reduce fatigue and promote faster recovery.

She+ sports complete pack showcase
She+ sports complete pack

She+ Sport provides you with 35 highly assimilable nutrients. The synergistic effect makes our dietary supplement unique, as it has been specially developed to support women in their sports practice and help them feel their best.

– Complete formula without controversial additives
– Innovative raw materials (Boswellia, white turmeric, guarana, green tea extract,L-glutamine)
– Supports energy metabolism
– Healthy muscle function
– Flexibility of the joints

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