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She+ Pre pregnancy

Pregnancy needs preparation.
With our She+ Pre-Pregnancy food supplements, boost your chances of getting pregnant and prepare your body for your future pregnancy.

Did you know that in order to have a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy, you need to take care of yourself right away?
It is essential to give your body the essential nutrients to promote your fertility and ensure the proper development of the fetus to come.

Developed by and for women

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Put all the chances on your side to get pregnant

– Complete formula without controversial additives
– Patented Folic Acid
– Promote fertility
– Promote a serene pregnancy
– Promote the proper development of the fetus
– Reduce fatigue
– Reduce the risk of miscarriage
– Protect cells against oxidative stress 



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The complete formula of our food supplements is composed of patented folic acid (vitamin B9) Metafolin®, which is essential for the proper development of the fetus.
But also 22 other high-quality nutrients, essential and adapted to the specific needs of women in this important period.

She+ Pre-Pregnancy is also composed of vegetable omega-3 in order to prevent the risk of premature birth and to ensure a good development of the nervous cells of the fetus. All the ingredients of our food supplements are rigorously chosen to get the best for the mother-to-be as well as for the fetus. 

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