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Hélène & Lara

“Food is everything… We are always around a table … to get together; it’s about memories, moments of life”

If I was a flower, I would be a sunflower.
If I was a meal, I would be a watermelon.
If I was a motto, I would be “Silence is golden.”
If I was a city, I would be New-York

If I was a flower, I would be a daisy.
If I was a meal, I would be a runny cheese.
If I was a motto, I would be “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get.
If I was a city, I would be Beirut (in Lebanon).

Portrait chinois Juin Hélène Lara ENG

- Interview

Question 1:

What does it mean to you to be a woman? 

I think we must stop asking these questions “What is a woman, what is a man…”. Right now, we talk a lot about gender issues, there would be less of a problem if we stopped talking about it. From birth, we must stop asking what it is to be a woman, and what it is to be a man! It is better to ask what it is to be a human being; this question has sense! We are neither a woman nor a man, we are human beings and must learn to live with it.

I agree with Lara’s answer, but at the same time, being a woman means being free to make choices and it doesn’t matter if they are professional or private. It means having the freedom to make choices, to achieve what we want! So, if we want to have a professional life, let’s go! If we wish to have a private life, it is also possible! We can also choose to have neither one nor the other, it is also a possible choice! Being a woman allows us to assume our choices and to take them freely! It doesn’t matter what the choice is… Wearing a mini skirt… Wearing pants… Having white hair and not dyeing your hair… It’s assuming your choices and living them freely.

Question 2:

What does nutrition mean to you and what role does it play in your life?

Oulaaaa; food is present, all the time, all the time! In happy moments, I eat; in sad moments, I eat; when I feel like something, I eat. It is very present in my daily life. Coming from a Mediterranean background, everything happens at the table! It’s the pleasure, it’s getting together. It’s the center!

Food is everything… The smells, the tastes, the textures… it creates moments. We are always around a table, to get together; it’s about memories, life moments, and everything that happens there.

Question 3:

If you had to pass on one piece of knowledge and/or advice to other women, what would it be?

Don’t pay attention to what others think. Again, a matter of choice! If you want to do something, you do it and don’t pay attention to what other people say, because it will be your choice anyway!

Be happy and live for yourself!

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