she+ Active

She+ Active

Multi nutrition supplement with omega 3 fish oil (EPAX)

  • Complete formula without controversial additives
  • Nutrition Supplement to Reduce Fatigue
  • Multi Nutrition Supplements Which Support Energy Metabolism
  • Contribute to good cognitive function
  • Maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails

30 capsules + 30 tablets for 30 days cure
€64,95 (Including taxes)

Say goodbye to fatigue with our premium food supplement which comes with High quality Omega 3 fish oil (EPAX)

Our multi nutritional supplements has been designed for all women who want to live their lives to the fullest while not forgetting to preserve their health.

Too short nights, stress, low energy during the day, difficulty concentrating? It’s time to give your body a boost with our premium food supplements.

Did you know that one person in two suffers from a more or less long episode of fatigue per year? And that women are the most likely to suffer from this exhaustion because of their hectic lifestyle.

We know that fatigue can disrupt your daily life and have unfortunate consequences.

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To help you regain your energy, our unique dietary supplement, contains 23 high-quality nutrients included folic acids, vitamin D, B12, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants that give you a quick boost.

She+ Active, multi nutrition supplements is also composed of omega-3 to prevent mood disorders and attention disorders.

All the ingredients of our food supplements are rigorously chosen to offer all active women the nutrients they need to be full of energy every day.

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