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Premium quality food supplements made by women for women

You are She, become She+ 


Premium quality food supplements made by women for women

You are She, become She+ 

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She+ has premium quality nutritional supplements designed to bring your body back into balance.

It all started with Anne...

Anne’s story could be your story, our story, everyone’s story!

Studies, a lover, a child, then two, then three, then four, a busy job… In short, Anne quickly became a busy woman and mother who didn’t know where to turn between her work, her children, her romantic life, her life as a woman, etc. Anne’s body could not keep up with this frantic pace. Indeed, analyses confirmed that she was completely deficient and this was the trigger. Many women live this life too. This is why She+ was created. In order to provide all these women with the necessary nutrients so that they can live their lives fully and serenely.

8 good reasons to choose SHE+

  1. We elaborate our products with the best possible sources without being limited and constrained by a cost price. Quality remains our priority!
  2. We select patented ingredients, with high bioavailability, and efficacy backed by medical studies
  3. We use purified fish oil from small fish from sustainable fishing programs ( EPAX )
  4. We exclude all other active ingredients from our omega-3 capsules to ensure the purity and quality of our product
  5. We provide complete formulas containing up to 33 active ingredients in a single pill to support women at every stage of their lives
  6. We choose biophotonic glass pill boxes to preserve both our products and the environment
  7. We develop our products with the expertise of women scientists to meet the needs of women
  8. We produce our products exclusively in pharmaceutical laboratories located in Belgium and Germany

FISHER is a Belgian company based in Brussels since 1966. Fisher is active in food supplement domain more than 10 years and now specializes in premium food supplement for women.

We exclusively produce our products in pharmaceutical laboratory in BELGIUM and GERMANY.

Why She+?

• Woman goes through different phases in her life requiring specific needs each time

• Women are warriors who give all for others, but who must also think of themselves

• We care about your health

• As women, we wanted to develop products that correspond to us and speak to all women

Why take food supplements?

• It is not always easy to adopt a perfectly balanced diet: lack of time, lack of knowledge of the nutritional content of food, poor cooking skills…

• Some diets are deficient in certain nutrients (like B12 for vegetarians)

• Food supplement is an ally for optimal body functioning

• It is important to rebalance potential mineral and vitamin deficiencies

Why a 3-month course of treatment?

• The food supplement complements the diet without replacing it

• Food supplement is a support and not a food base, it must be used for a specific period of time

• After 3 months, the body becomes accustomed to it

• Depending on the extent of the deficits, it may take some time to feel the benefits

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