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Premium Partner in Groupfitness

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Workout programs

Sports District provides premium workouts of high quality, being very accessible and including a lot of fun. All our workout programs are carefully designed out of a passion for fitness and health.

Group fitness education

Sports District offers training programs for fitness instructors. Instructors can choose between:

  • a Workout Program training (to become a true expert in Sports District Workout Programs);
  • or a general Instructor training (to improve your general teaching skills and enlarge your knowledge).

Instructors will get officially certified after successfully completing the training program.

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Corporate partner

Sports District has in-house Black Belt Lean Six Sigma expertise that will help you move forward as a club. Lean and Six Sigma are two different strategies that focus on improving quality. 

Meet Evelien and Fiona

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Evelien and Fiona are twin sisters. They founded Sports District out of a huge passion for sports and fitness.

Their affection for fitness started with Sports Aerobics. For 10 years, they have competed at an international level and frequently qualified for the finals of European and World Championships. Fiona concluded her sports career with a bronze medal at the 2019 European Championships in Poland.

Group fitness was their next passion. Full of energy they love to get people moving and simply enjoying their workout. With Sports District Evelien and Fiona want to create a community making it possible to share the love for sports and health and to enjoy fitness at most.

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