High-quality, extremely pure nutritional supplements for a positive effect on your body.


An extensive range of useful ingredients for a better and healthier life

Often times, we don’t get all the essential nutrients we need to stay healthy, fit and feel good. That’s why She+ developed a range of premium natural nutritional supplements based on pure, optimised ingredients that our body can absorb easily.


Beautiful, Inside and Out

She+ has developed a number of advanced, high-quality products especially for the skin, which are composed of natural, active patented ingredients. In their purest form and optimised for efficient absorption and effect. For us, the development of our products is another way to aspire to true beauty.

Only the best is good enough

At She+ we don’t like to compromise. Good is not good enough. Especially since we believe there is always room for improvement. Purer. More efficient. Such is the mindset of our scientists who develop our nutritional supplements. Always looking for the optimum ingredient formula that delivers the most effective result.

Read here what our customers say about our products.

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Ingrid G
Started using ‘Mature & Fit’ last year

“I experienced mood swings and gained a lot of weight in a short time. It was as if I had no control over my body. She+ helped me get through this stage. The She+ research team told me that the vitamin B1, B2 & copper trio supports the proper functioning of the nervous system, and that the grape seed extract helps to maintain weight.”

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Marie V
Has used ‘Active’ for 3 months

“I felt listless, even though I had a healthy lifestyle. Once I was home, I couldn’t find the energy to get out of my chair. Thanks to the ingredients in She+, I got my energy level back on track.”

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Stephanie D
Took naturel supplements during pregnancy

“After the birth of our baby Jef, my hair was dull and thinning and my nails felt brittle. Luckily, one of my friends recommended She+ to me. These signs were actually due to a deficiency in certain vitamins. Apparently, it’s mainly zinc and selenium that help keep hair and nails healthy.”

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Worship your body with all of nature’s goodness

Your body is your most precious instrument. Cherish it every day. Infuse it with the best natural care. From within.